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Subject: Internal Server Error blocks purchase

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Wed, Jun 11 2014 6:35pm
Hi, I downloaded the freebie version of KI, then it expired and I tried to purchase it by clicking on the pop up reminder. Nope. Ain't happenin'. I get an Internal Server Error. This is my data though:

Keystroke Interference 2.9

Pay with Paypal
Pay with Pay Pal or Credit card
Price is $29.99
Serial: 00000001269659310582

Anywho, I like the product but cannot find a way to purchase it directly. It's as if all purchases are tied to other deals. I do not want other deals, so let's skip that. I just need a way to spend my money on your nifty little product.

OK, fire away, what's the secret?

BTW, I have since removed KI from my machine as some fairly bizarre things began to happen with my keyboard buffer. Just sayin'. Not sure what that was about but I would have to type certain things multiple times to get one instance of them.