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Subject: Is this company (Network Intercept) still alive?

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Mon, Sep 22 2014 8:33pm
Is this company (Network Intercept) still alive?

I tested KI, latest Version (2.9, I think). It freezes my Internet Explorer 11. And there are other Problems... Will these problems be fixed, through Updates , Upgrades and so on? Or in other words, exist an advancement of the product?

When the next Version of KI will be released?

Is the "interference" obfuscation, that KI uses, safe or resistent against "Brute-force-attacks" in contradistinction to encrypting technique? Is this technique better than the encrypting method?

How does KI protect me and my keystrokes from Screen-(key)Loggers or let alone from Mouse Position Loggers?

I'd be glad to hear or read your opinion about that...
Thu, Sep 25 2014 9:26am

Is there anybody???